The 4 Pillars to Generational Wealth

Four of the Most Compelling Thought Leaders Come Together to Bring You Bridging Wealth Opportunities, The Twelve Month Blueprint and Roadmap to Guide You On How to Set Up Your Family Structure for Generational Wealth.

Brother Ben X

Brother Ben X is a student of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and being a member of the Nation Of Islam his mission is to give life to the dead mentally, spiritually and economically. He does this through creating content that pierces the heart of the people inspiring them to change and through his Digital Real Estate program with the ABS Financial Institute. He has students in his class that has made 5,6 and 7 figures with their Digital Real Estate.

With over half a BILLION views on social media and over 1 million followers, he's now dedicated to helping others achieve passive IMPACT and cash flow passive income.

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Jake Tayler Jacobs

Dr. Jake has been educating families and college students on the topic of financial literacy since 2012. Though he is passionate about teaching on the topics of legacy building and financial freedom, Dr. Jake never thought in a million years he would actually build a business in the financial industry that would be recognized all over the world. Seeing a huge disparity and misrepresentation of diversity in the fin-tech industry, and the absence of proper education, skillsets, and the usage of technology in the minority communities worldwide, Dr. Jake and his companies have made it their mission to make education on business, trading, finance and self-development more easily available to these underserved communities. Not only has he created programs, courses, and curriculum but all of his companies have made huge strides in creating easy-to-use technology for their consumers. Their technologies cover many different sectors in the financial industry: Customer Retention and Support, Business efficiency software, web builders, auto traders, financial advisor software, NFT platform, cryptocurrency exchanges, and more to come.


Dr. Jake has been recognized as one of the best business developers in the country and continues to show why, every day. Dr. Jake is on the Forbes Business Council, He sits on the board of Regents at Harvest Christian University, He runs a Debt FREE 8 figure Fin-Tech conglomerate, he’s been named yahoo’s top 10 financial advisors the list can go on and on. But what he’s most proud of is that he is a Great Husband, a great father, a great son abs a great friend.

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19 Keys

[ Global Speaker, Author, Futurist, Entrepreneur , Design Visionary ]

19keys is committed to creating organizations and business  that thrive in today’s era of fast-paced disruptive technological shifts. 19keys is known for his ability to turn difficult concepts into easy-to-understand ideas to push culture forward . He is an internationally recognized thought-leader, influencer , author, entrepreneur  and sought-after keynote speaker on the topics of business strategy, wealth creation , technological shifts , paradigms , higher consciousness  , growth, transformation and innovation.

19keys  began his career as an entrepreneur an activist speaking at Oakland rallies while building his design brand Musahill in Oakland, ca. Before he ever had social media presence he was hired for his first speaking job to speak to a local college which a 1 hour speech into global presence. 

Organic Growth strategies, creative branding  and conscientious business models  created the 19keys brand which he’s used to  energize organizations ,masterminds ,companies ,  and individuals  all while speaking unapologetic truth to power and generating  Millions in revenue.

An independent author , 19keys has wrote his first book on mindset , paradigm shifting  and transformation , his second book which hasn’t been released to the public yet is what he calls his bible creation and is slated to release at least 3 books in 2021 ranging from he topics of masculine , feminine Divine, love , manhood principles  to high level observations which is coined termed he’s used to explain how from his world view and perceptions of the world , but this book is over 5 years in the making and art to be legacy book that shift the reader into a higher world view9i9i.

19keys was founding member of the activist / thought leader group The Shifters in 2017– a “dream team of researchers, activist, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders” until 2019. He is also one of co-founders of the power circle master a super entrepreneur mastermind group of celebrities , thought leaders, entrepreneurs , business leaders etc.

19keys co-founded the wealth standard with Wealth & Risk leader Chris Cole , a financial education program started at the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic in 2020. With initiatives to gives 1 million in bitcoin and sliver, the program fund over 3m dollars in students accounts and had viral growth and impact in year one.

19keys is current co- founder of the BWO (Black World Order ) a global organization that helps facilitates wealth and ownership through education and access to global unserved cultures to for self. The group is comprised of high level thought leaders and business influencers of different fields that from a conglomerate of wealth intelligence and skillsets.  19keys reached out to each members for a unified organization as the biggest wealth intelligence institution in the world. 

His branding and speaking abilities has made a him global & cultural phenomenon , he’s traveled the world teaching and crowning minds of world leaders , royalty , influencers , celebrities etc. 

19keys consults & coaches celebrities, industry leaders and brings that expertise to his followers in the BWO. 

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Chris Cole

Chris Cole is a global entrepreneur from Augusta, GA, owner of nine businesses and counting, as well as the President of the BWO. His extensive financial and trading expertise has awarded him a lifestyle of wealth and abundance since becoming a seven-figure trader and cryptocurrency millionaire 13 years ago. In addition to being the first African American listing director of a publicly-traded company, Cole has been acknowledged as one of the top retail traders in the world according to financial publications, Futures and Truth Magazine. Business, manhood, and mindset is the mantra he lives by and uses to inspire others as they learn the resources and necessary tools to build a family legacy and generational wealth.

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